The Good Chat

Your guide to turning climate change chats into good talks – with anyone!

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The Good Chat: your step-by-step handbook

The Good Chat is enabling anyone across Southeast Asia to change the way we talk about climate concerns – turning them into safer, more fun, and meaningful conversations with friends, colleagues, and families… Maybe even with strangers!

Let’s face it: Climate change isn’t the easiest topic for everyone

It can be complex, heavy, confusing, or too big of a problem to even care about. When they hear about it, some people may even say, “I don’t think I can do anything about that!” 

Our mission: to make climate concerns & solutions more accessible to relate to, & easier to act on with just a conversation! 


We must talk about global warming differently – let’s chat about solutions instead of problems, connect them to our daily lives, and bring people together!

How to be part of the conversation?

For these cool talks to happen, the Good Chat needs YOU.

Every person is important to change the way we speak about climate. Only together can we change the language, and tell stories that are relatable for the people of SouthEast Asia.

Co-build the guide with us!